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I Supplier Limited is an full service production agency which provides services on TV commercials, cooperate videos, commercial advertising photo shooting, event and street promotion etc. Our service includes pre-production like graphic design, copywriting, directing, creative, event management and post production of video editing, computer graphics and photo retouching or more...


Our clients includes: Watson's group, Rabbit Japan Hong Kong, HIPP, Maxim's, Darlie, Colgate, Restylane, Galaxy Macau etc.

i Supplier 提供全面市場推廣範疇, 包括拍攝製作,戶外宣傳, 網上推廣, 宣傳, 演員調配, 活動策劃等,超過3000次, 客戶包括: 屈臣氏、豐澤、日本白兔牌、Hythiol C、HiPP等。立即了解更多!

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